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Certified: ISO – 9001 -2008

Mission & Vision


We at SRI aim to “Change the Skyline of Education System”. Tough times lie ahead and lot of challenges are offered by future. We should always be prepared and well equipped to tackle any difficulty that comes across ourways. Our vision is to take the institution to new heights of success and levels which can be done by developing a world class centre for excellence in learning and thereby contributing to the growth of the society and nation as a whole.


Our mission is to make SRItians a new species for future with immunity levels so high that any difficulty would think twice before approaching them by designing, developing & delivering cutting edge education so that students competence level gets broader and they are able to get recognized for high ethical standards and responsiveness to the social environment so that they can dream a better world & transform the dream into reality.


To assist SRItians in 100% placements in the industry. Expose SRItians at both national and international levels by giving them various unheard opportunities at national and international levels. To prepare professionals of exceptional caliber so that they can become innovators & leaders of the global industry. To enhance the decision making skills & the administration competence of future managers & technocrats. To create such individuals who will carry out ethos & culture & contribute towards the society. To promote knowledge through excellent learning skills & quality education. To help students develop appreciation for societal, historical & global issues.

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