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Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Institute of Management Sciences (SRIMS)

Under the umbrella of SRI, we have started Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Institute of Management Science to impart Management Education. Among all the preferred career courses, Master of Business Administration is perhaps the most sought after. The impact of privatization and liberalization has increased the need for managers in business establishments and corporate houses across all the sectors of the economy and those with an MBA degree are the real beneficiaries of the changes brought by the globalization of the Indian market economy. The SRIMS focuses on management education more than just business management. The commitment is through leadership with a deep understanding of business. The approach to pedagogy combines fieldwork, case studies and instrumented feedback with a strong emphasis on concepts and theory. The intent is to encourage intellectual curiosity and open minds to the adventure of ideas. We have focused all our energies on strengthening these areas by initiating processes like global internships, industry and international speaker sessions, encouraging in-house competitions, in-depth studies headed towards creating the spirit of “the joy of learning” on campus. We have also paid special attention in developing the right attitude and outlook in our students. Special Programs, Unique methods – theater workshops contribute to not only developing a sharp business mind but also a sound and complete personality.

Here the students learn the theories of mamagement through case studies, presentations, seminars, group discussion etc. 

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Over the years the concept of management has undergone many changes. Now it is being recognized as a profession. New innovation and technological developments have brought the most sophisticated products in the market, as a result of this, business establishment have become complex which require new managerial skills. The success of business enterprises depends on the efficiency of management. Management is often seen as the brain of the modern day organization which gives the thought to it and motivates the organization to achieve its target. Management gives a vision to the organization and integrates all its department. The future managers should be capable enough of handling the intense competition being thrown with the advent of liberalization in the Indian economy. Keeping this is mind, We have a management program of postgraduate level. This will surely help in preparing the students to polish their skills to adapt the modern day management techniques. With the growing complexity of all commercial activity and the entry of multi nationals, the need for systematic and efficient management practices has created a huge demand for competent personnel in all areas of business and commerce. Like a organized sector of commerce and industry, the traditionally non-sectors have realized the importance of professional management. This has opened up limitless opportunities in diverse spheres for students of management. The course aims at communicating effectively through writing and in interpersonal communication, to improve the decision making abilities of participants and producing managers of the highest quality, to develop the essential management skills required to meet and participate in the increasingly international business environment, to integrate and manage administrative functions with respect to planning, organizing, staffing and controlling. The program aims at imparting high level business management skills to develop shining class of competent business executives matching with demands of global business environment. A full-time MBA comprises 4 semesters, inclusive of project work, industrial exposure and summer internship.

The choice of specialization subjects are Marketing, Finance & Human Resources. Successful completion of MBA courses can offer you at least the following options -

  • Fast-track growth in professional career
  • Being an entrepreneur, you can set up your own business
  • Opportunity to explore
  • Developing business knowledge and technical skills
  • Becoming a leader in an emerging field

Specialization in :

  • Marketing
  • Human Resources (H.R.)
  • Finance
  • Course
  • MBA (Marketing)
    2 Year
    Graduation Any stream
  • MBA(Human Resources)
    2 Year
    Graduation Any stream
  • MBA(Finance)
    2 Year
    Graduation Any stream

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